Winter Preparations

Published on:

October 27, 2021

Is your roof prepared for the winter weather ahead? Keeping your roof maintained is vital to its lifespan, as minor damage can go from bad to worse within one short freeze! Regular professional roofing inspections ensure a long life for your roof and the safety of those who rely on it. The following tips can help ensure that your residential or commercial roof is ready to withstand the snow and ice that winter brings!

Remove Debris From Roof and Gutters

Debris buildup can cause problems in many ways. Keeping the gutters and roof clear of fallen leaves and branches is vital to maintaining the integrity of the whole system. Buildup can cause the gutters to warp, and in extreme cases, may cause them to pull away from the roof. Debris may trap water, and freezing causes the water to expand and cause all sorts of problems, so don’t forget to clean the gutters after Autumn has filled them up!

Look For Visible Damage

Often there will be damage to fascia, flashing, shingles, or other roofing components that can be spotted from the ground. Walk the perimeter of the structure and look for any irregularities in the roofing system.

Hire A Professional

Call a professional local roofing service and schedule an inspection to be sure that nothing goes unseen. A qualified roofing inspector will know what to look for outside the roofing structure and the inside. Keeping up with routine inspections is the best way to ensure your roof lasts its full potential, so schedule a roofing inspection today!

Winter Preparations