Springtime Roof Inspections

Published on:

March 17, 2020

Spring is rolling in leaving Northern Colorado with unpredictable weather that leaves us wondering if Spring is actually here or if it will snow again next weekend.  Business as usual in the Front Range!  As we have discussed in previous articles, snow and ice buildup on a roof often makes existing roof problems go from bad to worse.  When we have warmer, sunnier days we tend to stop thinking about the issues from the Winter and start thinking about Springtime and what’s ahead.  It’s important to remember that throughout the snowy season small leaks, cracks, and other damage may have increased.  Now is a great time to have your roof inspected to ensure that any issues which began or developed throughout the snowy season are identified and addressed as soon as possible.  

In severe cases dips and warping in a roof may be seen from the outside, indicating extreme neglect that has probably gone on over a long period of time.  In most cases, however,  damage is not so obvious from first glance.  Hiring a professional to assess the condition is the best way to be aware of everything that is going on with the structure and to ensure that all of the issues are being addressed.  Mold, damaged shingles, leaks, and many other seemingly small things can lead to bigger problems down the road and a professional inspection will bring all of these things to light.  

Now is the ideal time to have an inspection done.  Reputable roofing companies are likely being booked in advance so don’t hesitate to schedule an inspection.  At Select Roofing Contractors we serve the Northern Front Range of Colorado in providing quality service to residential and commercial clients alike.  A property owner wants to ensure that they are doing everything possible to maintain the longevity of their structure and at SRC we are committed to each and every client’s needs.  Call us today to schedule an inspection!

Springtime Roof Inspections