Spring Maintenance

Published on:

May 28, 2020

With the winter weather behind us, we can take stock of how our structures held up throughout the snowy season.  Heavy snowfall and ice buildup take their toll on a roof, making regular maintenance a necessity.  We would like to share a few reasons why having a roof inspection is essential to getting the longest life out of your structure.  


In the Front Range, the humidity is fairly low compared to many other areas of the country and when combined with a very sunny and dry climate you get a recipe for shifting wooden structures.  Wood expands and contracts when the air’s moisture levels shift, and as the summer weather becomes more dry the wood in a roof will contract.  Any leaks that may have formed throughout the winter season will have been introducing excessive amounts of moisture to any exposed wood in the roof, causing it to expand.  Top that off with freezing water and you get quite a shift.  Now, as the air becomes dry and the sun beats down upon the structure, the same area begins to contract.  You can imagine how this will cause problems in the integrity of your roof!  


As a roof ages, the asphalt shingles begin to deteriorate and may come loose when hit with hail and rain.  Damaged or missing shingles can contribute to the introduction of excessive moisture in your roof structure.  Uncleaned gutters can also play a role in damage.  As the debris collects it can cause the gutter to sag and pull away from the structure, exposing more wood to moisture and rot.  

Attic Invasion

A roofing inspection can show many things that turn up over time, including animal infestations and mold growth.  If an attic vent becomes compromised or some other protected opening loses its effectiveness, animals may potentially find themselves comfortable in this space.  Mold is quite common in attics, and even in dry climates it can grow with inadequate ventilation.  A roof inspection will help to spot mold in its early stages so that further action may be taken by the owner to have it mitigated. 

At Select Roofing Contractors, we are committed to quality work and offer free roof inspections on residential and commercial structures throughout the Northern Front Range.  Whether you are having your first roofing inspection performed in a while or just catching up on your annual maintenance, call us today to schedule your next appointment!  

Spring Maintenance