Select a Roofing Contractor

Published on:

June 29, 2014

When selecting a roofing contractor to perform re-roofing residential or commercial projects the following are a few ideas to consider when choosing a contractor for this important work. We recommend getting the following information from the contractor before signing any contracts:

  • Attain a local address and phone number and visit their office if needed.
  • Ask for references or even go see related projects that they have done or are working on in your area.
  • Get their insurance certification (a sample to verify coverage should be sufficient and they should have general liability, auto and workman’s comp insurance).
  • Ask for an itemize estimate and review the contract
  • Review all warranties (included workmanship and roofing manufacturer warranties).

This is a short list but at least it will steer you in the right direction before you sign any agreements. One other note from SRC: we recommend that you partially pay for the work once it has started, usually the first day just not when materials are delivered or lieu of a deposit.

Select a Roofing Contractor