Roof Considerations for Home Buyers

Published on:

January 19, 2018

Pay close attention to the roof inspection report

The roof inspection is a very important part when looking into purchasing a new home. However, with the excitement of purchasing a new home, it can be easy to overlook certain inspection notes.

If anything is noted of concern or warning regarding the roof it is smart to get a professional out to look at the roof. A roof is a very important aspect of the home and is an investment. It is a wise idea to make sure as a home buyer that you know the actual condition of the roof and if it will need to be replaced or not.

Have a roofing professional take a look at the home before you buy if you have questions

Getting a second opinion from the roof inspection is never a bad idea. If the report comes back with some roof damage, it is time to call a professional roofer to get a free roof inspection to see what their opinion is. If the roof needs to be replaced this then can be discussed with the seller or addressed as necessary. The roof over your home is what helps keep everything inside protected; it plays a big role in the overall quality of your home.

Make sure you ask the seller if there is any existing warranty on the roof

Often times if the roof was replaced recently the homeowner should have a warranty to pass along to you as the home buyer. Warranties normally can be transferred. It will be important to get documentation of any existing warranty on the roof system for future use if needed.

Most normal wear and tear is not covered by insurance

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover roof damages, but they may not cover wear and tear or other issues. That means you’ll be covered if a huge hail storm strikes your roof, but you may be in trouble if your Cable TV installer cracks and damages shingles on your roof.

Deductibles are also another factor to consider when you have to replace your roof. It might be covered by insurance, but as a homeowner, you will have a fee that you are responsible for and will have to provide as part of payment. It is important to have funds to account for home issues that might arise.

Know your roof won’t last forever but is a vital aspect of your home

Roof systems will experience normal wear and tear from facing the elements of the outdoors on a daily basis.  A professional roofing company will be able to help determine if damage is normal wear and tear or if it was caused by a hail storm or such. With normal wear and tear, patches can be made in areas of need. Eventually, a roof will wear out however and no longer be able to stand the test to the elements. It is important as a homeowner to continue proper maintenance of your roof system so it can last as long as possible.

Roof Considerations for Home Buyers