Plan for Summer Roofing Maintenance

Published on:

March 28, 2023

Summer is a great time to take care of any overdue roofing maintenance service for residential properties. Select Roofing Contractors is a professional award-winning roofing company, based on northern Colorado, which specializes in roofing maintenance. Before you jump the gun and hire a company to come inspect your roof, periodically inspect it yourself. Inspecting your roof for damage is an important part of maintaining your home's structural integrity. Check for missing or damaged shingles. Look for any shingles that are missing, cracked, or damaged. This can expose your roof to water damage, and if you see damage, then it will be time to call in a professional. In places like Fort Collins and Loveland, hail is common which can lead to shingle damage. Especially with an older home, shingles are not always guaranteed to be rated for large hail impacts. Only new homes with Class IV Shingles can withstand constant hail bombardment year after year. Fort Collins mandated that all new construction homes come equipped with Class IV shingles already. Read more about it here. Snow build-up will often disguise roof damage, with shingles being obscured during the winter. As Summer approaches however, water damage becomes more apparent and homeowners have the chance to inspect their roof. Additionally, check the flashing which is the material used to seal the areas where your roof meets other structures, such as chimneys, vents, or skylights. Check the flashing for any signs of damage or corrosion. This also applies to any skylights that have cracks, or wear and tear.

A rule of thumb for most modern residential roofing is 10 years. Be sure to call in a professional at the 10 year mark even if there is no visible damage, just to ensure everything is tip-top. If it is an older home, drop that to every 5 years. In the meantime, aside from annual inspections yourself, be sure to perform regular gutter cleaning as it is one of the most important parts of maintaining your home's exterior. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your roof, siding, and foundation. Here are some steps you can take to clean your gutters:

1.    Safety first: Before you begin cleaning your gutters, make sure you have a stable ladder and wear sturdy shoes with good traction. It is also a good idea to have someone spot you from the ground.
2.    Remove debris: Using a small garden trowel or scoop, remove any debris from the gutters, including leaves, twigs, and other debris. Place the debris in a bucket or drop cloth.
3.    Flush the gutters: After removing the large debris, use a garden hose to flush out any remaining smaller debris or dirt. Make sure the downspouts are clear and water is flowing freely.
4.    Trim trees: Trees and bushes that are close to your roof can deposit debris in your gutters. Trim them back to prevent clogging.
5.    Schedule regular cleanings: It is a good idea to schedule regular cleanings, at least twice a year, to prevent clogs and potential water damage.

You also need to look for signs of leaks inside your home, such as water stains on the ceiling or walls. Inspect your attic for any signs of water damage or mold. Proper ventilation and insulation can help prevent these issues. Remember, it is always best to hire a professional roofing contractor for any repairs or maintenance tasks you're not comfortable doing yourself. If you notice any leaks, contact Select Roofing Contractors to inspect your roof with a keen professional eye to ensure it stays .

Plan for Summer Roofing Maintenance