New Commercial Roofing

Published on:

August 31, 2021

Being in the roofing business means various jobs, from residential roof repairs to new commercial construction. We have worked with countless clients over the years to help them meet their roofing needs in whatever form that may take. One area that we commonly find ourselves in is working in tandem with other contractors on building a new structure, such as our recent project at Bear Paw Shopping Center in Greeley, CO!

Our part in this project included a new commercial roof installation of a flat roof and sheet metal roofing. Different jobs call for specific styles of roof construction, and sometimes they require a combination. We jump at the chance to lend our expertise to a big project, and the Bear Paw project gave us this opportunity to combine styles of commercial roofing. We also installed gutters, downspouts, snow guards, and hatches for the roofs.

Gutters and downspouts may be a given, but snow guards (or bars) may not be as obvious if you aren’t used to a climate that sees a lot of snow. In regions like the Northern Front Range, metal roofs should have a snow guard to allow snow and ice to melt and escape in small amounts, rather than all at once. Roof hatches allow for easy access to the roof for easy inspection and maintenance.

We offer new commercial roof construction throughout the Northern Front Range with friendly, transparent customer service and top-quality work! Call today for your free estimate!

New Commercial Roofing