Keep gutters clean throughout Winter

Published on:

January 27, 2020

Large icicles may be a sign of an ice dam in your gutter

When a gutter goes into freezing temperatures without being cleaned out, the leaves, twigs, and other accumulated debris will freeze along with the snow or rain.  As a clogged gutter freezes, it expands and the resulting weight and mass can cause the gutter to sag, become misshapen, and pull away from the house.  At this point, you have not only a damaged gutter that will need to be mended or replaced but you also have damage to your fascia — the surface area of the roof that the gutter is attached to.  The fascia can suffer from damage and rot when water overflows from a blockage in the gutter.  

Cleaning gutters can be dangerous

It’s important to survey the area when considering getting on a ladder to clean your gutters.  Consider any slopes that may surround the house and how high you will need to climb on the ladder and always consider the safety precautions on the limitations of the ladder itself.  In many cases, it may be worth the money to hire out a professional gutter-cleaning service, especially if there are two or more stories on the structure.  The last thing you want to happen is to fall from your roof or ladder!

Ice dams may cause extensive damage to the roof

While we have covered this concept in previous articles, it can’t be overstated that a clogged gutter can trap water that will cause considerable damage to your roofing shingles and the structure of the roof itself.  As the ice melts and runs down the roof, it needs an escape route because oftentimes it will re-freeze rather quickly.  If the runoff gets caught in an ice damn, it may find its way into cracks and underneath shingles in the roof.  Once it freezes and expands again it is going to make your situation worse.  

Clogged gutters can introduce mold and mildew

In the warmer months of the season, keeping gutters clean helps to avoid mold and mildew from building and spreading to the eaves and soffit vents.  The debris that sits in the gutters will begin to decompose and may begin to form mold, so make sure to keep your mind in the gutter throughout the whole year and not just when it’s time to winterize the house!

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Keep gutters clean throughout Winter