Church Roofing

Published on:

November 29, 2020

No matter what season we are in, the integrity of a roof is always an important consideration! It goes without saying that we want to make sure that our families, friends, coworkers, and community members are safe and dry—not only in the home and workplace, but also in houses of worship. Church roofs can pose unique challenges when considering maintenance and repair, so when hiring a contractor it is important to ask plenty of questions regarding the materials and challenges that your building will present.

Metal Roofing
A metal roof will outperform and outlast asphalt shingles, offering greater protection from thunderstorms, hail, and other severe weather. Another major benefit of a metal roof is the increase in energy efficiency of the structure, meaning lower energy bills. Lastly, you not only get superior protection and higher efficiency, but a metal roof looks great!

Historical Restoration and Repair
Churches and other houses of worship are commonly historic buildings—they hold a unique aesthetic that provides a holy setting. Just like any other building, though, they are susceptible to the wear of age. When it’s time to hire out a repair job on a church that has a unique structure, such as steeples, crosses, and other ornamentation on the roof, you want to be sure that your contractor is experienced in this type of work and that they understand what it will take to complete the job in a seamless manner. A thorough understanding of the various materials is necessary to maintain consistency in the existing aesthetic of the structure, so be sure to ask plenty of questions when having an inspection done!

If your church in the Northern Front Range is in need of repair or a new roof, don’t hesitate to give us a call and find out how we can help!

Church Roofing